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With Water Hike and Wastage in mind, QE Elemech provides Coin Operated Car Care Dispensers with different Business Models to suit your needs. You can choose to Purchase, Co-Share OR Leasing which will resolve Water Wastage and Generate Revenue for your estate.

QE Elemech shall provide subsequent maintenance including option for Comprehensive Maintenance or Ad-hoc Services.

Updated list for the Locations of Car Care System under Town Councils.

Ang Mo Kio Nee Soon SengKang & Jurong-Clementi Pasir Ris-Punggol Tanjong Pagar West Coast Marsiling-Yew Tee
Town Council Town Council Town Council Town Council Town Council Town Council Town Council
Blk 103C AMK Ave 4 Blk 307 Yishun Rd Blk 334-1 Anchorvale Cres Blk 2B Boon Tiong Rd Blk 180 Boon Lay Dr Blk 502A CCK St 51
Blk 130A AMK Ave 3 Blk 115 Yishun Ring Rd Blk 334 Anchorvale Cres Blk 8C Boon Tiong Rd Blk 183 Boon Lay Dr Blk 511A CCK St 51
Blk 132A AMK Ave 3 Blk 342A Yishun Ring Rd Blk 338 Anchorvale Cres Blk 11A Boon Tiong Rd Blk 196 Boon Lay Dr Blk 513A CCK St 51
Blk 227A AMK St 23 Blk 676 Yishun Ring Rd Blk 351 Anchorvale Cres Blk 119 Bt Merah Ctrl Blk 208A Boon Lay Plc Blk 527A CCK St 51
Blk 255A AMK Ave 4 Blk 813 Yishun Ring Rd Blk 319 Anchorvale Cres Blk 126A Bt Merah View Blk 212A Boon Lay Plc Blk 541A CCK St 52
Blk 256A AMK Ave 3 Blk 506 Yishun Ave 4 Blk 321 Anchorvale Dr Blk 129A Bt Merah View Blk 216 Boon Lay Ave Blk 552A CCK St 52
Blk 260 AMK St 21 Blk 673 Yishun Ave 4 Blk 312 Anchorvale Lane Blk 37A Cambridge Rd Blk 257A Boon Lay Dr Blk 567A CCK St 52
Blk 308C AMK Ave 1 Blk 674 Yishun Ave 4 Blk 353 Anchorvale Lane Blk 7B Commonwealth Ave Blk 268 Boon Lay Dr Blk 573A CCK St 52
Blk 323A AMK Ave 3 Blk 315 Yishun Ave 9 Blk 301 Anchorvale Link Blk 84A Commonwealth Cl Blk 104C Depot Rd Blk 708A CCK St 53
Blk 347A AMK Ave 3 Blk 317 Yishun Ave 9 Blk 303 Anchorvale Link Blk 37B Commonwealth Dr Blk 105 Depot Rd Blk 771A CCK St 54
Blk 588 AMK St 52 Blk 347 Yishun Ave 11 Blk 304 Anchorvale Link Blk 54 Commonwealth Dr Blk 108A Depot Rd Blk 604A CCK St 52
Blk 590 AMK St 51 Blk 296A Yishun St 20 Blk 305 Anchorvale Link Blk 10 Cantonment Close Blk 110 Depot Rd Blk 610A CCK St 62
Blk 596 AMK St 52 Blk 501 Yishun St 51 Blk 306 Anchorvale Link Blk 1D Cantonment Rd Blk 112C Depot Rd Blk 611A CCK St 62
Blk 613A AMK Ave4 Blk 504 Yishun St 51 Blk 318 Anchorvale Link Blk 1E Cantonment Rd Blk 2A Dover Rd Blk 621A CCK St 62
Blk 700 AMK Ave 6 Blk 512 Yishun St 51 Blk 332 Anchorvale Link Blk 129A Clarence Rd Blk 12A Dover Close E Blk 625A CCK St 62
Blk 712A AMK Ave 6 Blk 513 Yishun St 51 Blk 308 Anchorvale Rd Blk 78A Dawson Rd Blk 19A Dover Cres Blk 638 CCK St 64
Blk 980 Buangkok Cres Blk 840A Yishun St 81 Blk 310 Anchorvale Rd Blk 85 Dawson Rd Blk 28 Dover Cres Blk 643 CCK St 64
Blk 984 Buangkok Cres Blk 848A Yishun St 81 Blk 313A Anchorvale Rd Blk 89A Dawson Rd Blk 28-1 Dover Cres Blk 754A CCK Nth 5
Blk 988 Buangkok Cres Blk 326 Anchorvale Rd Blk 6A Everton Park Blk 601 Jurong W St 62 Blk 762A CCK Nth 5
Blk 993 Buangkok Link Blk 329 Anchorvale St Blk 6A Farrer Rd Blk 601A Jurong W St 62 Blk 559A CCK Nth 6
Blk 996 Buangkok Cres Blk 323 SK East Way Blk 14A Farrer Pk Rd Blk 617 Jurong W St 65 Blk 631A CCK Nth 6
Blk 997 Buangkok Cres Blk 325 SK East Way Blk 96 Henderson Rd Blk 624A Jurong W St 61 Blk 635 CCK Nth 6
Blk 998 Buangkok Cres Blk 194 Bt Batok W Ave 6 Blk 96-1 Henderson Rd Blk 629 Jurong W St 65 Blk 787A CCK Nth 6
Blk 404 Fernvale Lane Blk 292 Bt Batok E Ave 6 Blk 104A Henderson Rd Blk 638A Jurong W St 61 Blk 792A CCK Nth 6
Blk 413 Fernvale Link Blk 293 Bt Batok St 21 Blk 5A Holland Close Blk 640A Jurong W St 61 Blk 659A CCK Cres
Blk 414 Fernvale Link Blk 296 Bt Batok St 22 Blk 10A Holland Dr Blk 647A Jurong W St 61 Blk 660A CCK Cres
Blk 416 Fernvale Link Blk 18 Holland Dr Blk 648 Jurong W St 61 Blk 668A CCK Cres
Blk 417 Fernvale Link Blk 2A Jln Bt Merah Blk 650 Jurong W St 61 Blk 669A CCK Cres
Blk 430 Fernvale Link Blk 113A Jln Bt Merah Blk 651 Jurong W St 61 Blk 675A CCK Cres
Blk 440 Fernvale Link Blk 131A Jln Bt Merah Blk 655 Jurong W St 61 Blk 678A CCK Cres
Blk 468 Fernvale Link Blk 134A Jln Bt Merah Blk 657 Jurong W St 61 Blk 683 CCK Cres
Blk 468-1 Fernvale Link Blk 117A Jln Membina Blk 657-1 Jurong W St 61 Blk 686 CCK Cres
Blk 470 Fernvale Link Blk 18A Jln Membina Blk 659 Jurong W St 65 Blk 692 CCK Cres
Blk 472 Fernvale St Blk 26 Jln Membina Blk 660 Jurong W St 64 Blk 687 CCK Dr
Blk 472-1 Fernvale St Blk 37A Jln Rumah Tinggi Blk 663 Jurong W St 65 Blk 689 CCK Dr
Blk 406 Fernvale Rd Blk 119A Kim Tian Place Blk 664 Jurong W St 64 Blk 689-1 CCK Dr
Blk 408 Fernvale Rd Blk 120B Kim Tian Place Blk 667 Jurong W St 65 Blk 2A Marsiling Dr
Blk 410 Fernvale Rd Blk 126 Kim Tian Place Blk 669 Jurong W St 64 Blk 7A Marsiling Dr
Blk 432 Fernvale Rd Blk 127 Kim Tian Place Blk 673 Jurong W St 65 Blk 13A Marsiling Dr
Blk 434 Fernvale Rd Blk 125A Kim Tian Rd Blk 674 Jurong W St 65 Blk 29A Marsiling Dr
Blk 437 Fernvale Rd Blk 671 Klang Lane Blk 675 Jurong W St 64 Blk 34A Marsiling Dr
Blk 439 Fernvale Rd Blk 64 Lengkok Bahru Blk 679 Jurong W Ctrl Blk 181 Marsiling Rd
Blk 441 Fernvale Rd Blk 148A Meiling St Blk 682 Jurong W Ctrl Blk 182 Woodlands St 13
Blk 443 Fernvale Rd Blk 157A Meiling St Blk 684 Jurong W St 64 Blk 185 Woodlands St 13
Blk 453 Fernvale Rd Blk 161A Meiling St Blk 686 Jurong W Ctrl Blk 305 Woodlands St 31
Blk 435A Hougang Ave 8 Blk 19A Queen’s Close Blk 691A Jurong W Ctrl Blk 406A Woodlands St 41
Blk 576A Hougang Ave 9 Blk 70A Redhill Close Blk 692A Jurong W Ctrl Blk 413A Woodlands St 41
Blk 925A Hougang Ave 9 Blk 73 Redhill Close Blk 697 Jurong W Ctrl Blk 421A Woodlands St 41
Blk 933A Hougang Ave 9 Blk 74 Redhill Close Blk 986 Jurong W St 93 Blk 426A Woodlands St 42
Blk 955A Hougang Ave 9 Blk 88A Redhill Close Blk 990 Jurong W St 93 Blk 354A Woodlands Ave 1
Blk 548A Hougang St 51 Blk 53A Strathmore Ave Blk 22A Teban Gardens Rd Blk 371A Woodlands Ave 1
Blk 559A Hougang St 51 Blk 56A Strathmore Ave Blk 57A Teban Gardens Rd Blk 358A Woodlands Ave 5
Blk 566A Hougang St 51 Blk 60A Strathmore Ave Blk 61 Teban Gardens Rd Blk 509A Woodlands Dr 14
Blk 567A Hougang St 51 Blk 61 Strathmore Ave Blk 63A Teban Gardens Rd Blk 516A Woodlands Dr 14
Blk 574A Hougang St 51 Blk 169 Stirling Rd Blk 48A Telok Blangah Dr Blk 517A Woodlands Dr 14
Blk 699D Hougang St 52 Blk 171A Stirling Rd Blk 48-1 Telok Blangah Dr Blk 519A Woodlands Dr 14
Blk 909A Hougang St 91 Blk 108 Spottiswoode Park Rd Blk 52A Telok Blangah Dr Blk 521A Woodlands Dr 14
Blk 919A Hougang St 91 Blk 3 Tanjong Pagar Plaze Blk 57A Telok Blangah Hts Blk 523A Woodlands Dr 14
Blk 931A Hougang St 91 Blk 4 Tanjong Pagar Plaza Blk 73A Telok Blangah St 32 Blk 525A Woodlands Dr 14
Blk 941A Hougang St 92 Blk 88A Tanglin Halt Rd Blk 78A Telok Blangah St 32 Blk 891C Woodlands Dr 50
Blk 946A Hougang St 92 Blk 3A Telok Blangah Cres Blk 80 Telok Blangah St 31 Blk 892C Woodlands Dr 50
Blk 966A Hougang St 92 Blk 16A Telok Blangah Cres

Blk 88A Telok Blangah Hts Blk 895D Woodlands Dr 50
Blk 971A Hougang St 52 Blk 23A Telok Blangah Cres

Blk 90 Telok Blangah St 31 Blk 897D Woodlands Dr 50
Blk 446 Jalan Kayu Blk 93 Telok Blangah St 31 Blk 887 Woodlands Dr 50
Blk 448A SK West Way Blk 889 Woodlands Dr 50
Blk 450 SK West Way
Blk 451 SK West Way
Blk 455 SK West Way
Blk 457 SK West Way
Blk 504A S’rgoon Nth Ave 4
Blk 512A S’rgoon Nth Ave 4
Blk 542A S’rgoon Nth Ave 3
Blk 546A S’rgoon Nth Ave 3
Blk 550A S’rgoon Nth Ave 3